Volvo Group

Volvo Group

The Volvo Group is a story of success, innovation and commitment in all areas of its business. From passenger cars, through trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery to engines, its impact on the development of society is unquestionable. It is a brand that symbolizes a future in technical excellence and commitment to progress.

History of Volvo AB

Volvo Aktiebolaget is one of the most valued and recognizable brands in the world, with its roots dating back to 1927. Founded in Sweden by Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielson, the company quickly became a symbol of innovation, safety and engineering excellence. Since then, the company has been developing dynamically, covering various industrial fields.

Volvo Car Corporation – Luxury and Innovation

Volvo Car Corporation is a renowned car manufacturer with over a hundred years of tradition. As part of Volvo CC, the company is known for its commitment to innovation and safety. It creates luxury and eco-friendly vehicles, combining elegance with sustainability, providing customers with an excellent driving experience.

Volvo Construction Equipment – a leader in the construction machinery industry

Volvo CE, or Volvo Construction Equipment, is a leading manufacturer of construction machinery in the world. Excavators, loaders, rollers and other equipment from this brand are known for their exceptional quality, efficiency and durability. Thanks to advanced technology and innovative solutions, the brand supports the development of infrastructure around the globe, contributing to the creation of better living conditions.

Volvo Penta: Inner Strength and Drive Innovation

Volvo Penta, part of Volvo AB, is a leading manufacturer of engines and drive systems for a variety of applications. From yachts to industrial machinery, these power units are characterized not only by exceptional performance, but also by a sustainable approach to ecology. Penta drive solutions drive progress and development in many industries.

Volvo Group – Global impact and the future

The Volvo Group is not only a manufacturer of vehicles or construction machinery. It is a global force that operates in various fields, always guided by the values of quality, innovation and sustainability. Its presence on the international arena influences the development of society and the economy, creating a future full of new opportunities and achievements.

DPF and SCR emulators for Volvo Group machines and trucks

Modern diesel engines, including those from Volvo Group, are equipped with environmentally friendly technologies. Nevertheless, the DPF filter and SCR systems used in these machines and engines may generate higher operating costs. In response to market needs, we have created Volvo DPF and SCR emulators that effectively solve problems related to these costs. These include:

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