What do you gain

Find out what do you gain by using our solution

How does it work?

The device we manufacture disables the elements of the exhaust emission reduction system, such as:

  • particulate filter
  • AdBlue dosing system (AdBlue pump)
  • temperature sensors
  • NOx sensors (nitrogen oxides)
  • exhaust gas pressure sensors

How do we do that?

You can install the emulator on your machine yourself. We deliver our solutions wherever there is demand in the world, ensuring the fastest delivery possible. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our devices.

The device is manufactured and developed in Poland. The components used in the production of the unit are intended for use in the automotive industry.

What do you gain?

  • There are no SCR / DPF errors
  • Time saving – no repairs and servicing required
  • Full power and fuel economy – no regeneration of DPF filter using fuel
  • Reduction of operating costs – repair and servicing of the system
  • Reduce costs associated with refilling AdBlue
  • Increased efficiency of machine running time due to lack of downtime
  • Device reliability resulting from the high-quality workmanship
  • 24 months warranty

We recommend our emulators for:

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