HYUNDAI Delete Kit – DPF & SCR Emulator

DPF and SCR (DEF) system emulator for HYUNDAI machine

We design and manufacture exhaust gas purification system HYUNDAI Delete Kit for Hyundai machines (like forklifts) that simulate the operation of a fully functional diesel particulate filter (DPF) and SCR system. Our device simulates the operation of an efficient system, which allows for its complete shutdown and removal.

The emulator can also be used on machines where an error has already occurred. The device pretends to work properly with damaged elements, so their actual efficiency does not affect its proper functioning. After the repair (installation of the emulator), the system in Hyundai forklift engines does not report any errors. Thanks to the use of our solution, the machine is no longer limited in torque and the associated power loss.

HYUNDAI Delete Kit Installation

Installation of our emulator is simple and does not require interference with the engine controller. The Hyundai DPF Delete Kit is equipped with a wiring harness with the appropriate plugs, which must be connected to the indicated locations. After installing the emulator, the Hyundai engine’s particulate filter must be removed.

The device disables components and elements such as:

  • temperature sensors
  • DPF pressure sensor
  • AdBlue pump (SCR only)
  • NOx sensors (SCR only)
  • SCR tank
  • SCR sensors

Each of our devices comes with a detailed manual that describes the step-by-step assembly process. You can also always use the support of our service technicians provided by phone or online.

Hyundai Delete Kit - system emulator

Hyundai forklift equipped with 4-cylinder KUBOTA V3800 engine with a capacity of 3,769 cm3 and a power of 74.5 kW, which meets the standards of Interim Tier 4 / Stage IIIB. Removal of the DPF filter was carried out using our DPF diesel particulate filter emulator without interfering with the engine controller.

The machine we serviced signaled the P3007 error, which meant the 4th level of DPF clogging. It was therefore unable to regenerate the diesel particulate filter itself and had to force regeneration manually. The particulate filter housing has been emptied, so the exhaust system is not clogged and the machine does not indicate DPF errors.

Thanks to the use of the emulator, the ECU does not force the regeneration of the filter, because the device generates signals such as a well-functioning DPF filter.

Need help with DPF/SCR? We are the experts!

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