VOLVO Penta DPF & DEF (SCR) Delete Kit

DPF and SCR (DEF) system emulator for VOLVO Penta engines

VOLVO Penta are industrial engines used in wood chippers, forklifts, crushers, harvesters and many other devices. VOLVO Penta engines have an exhaust gas treatment system equipped with a DPF and SCR (AdBlue) filter. Their work is supervised by the ACM module (Aftertreatment Control Module).

We are designers and producers of an emulator that simulates the operation of a fully operational system. It emulates a diesel particulate filter (DPF), an SCR (AdBlue) system and an ACM module for engines of this manufacturer. Our emulator is built into the ACM module connector, making it a Plug&Play solution.

The device also works with VOLVO Penta engines in which a failure occurred and the torque and power of the machine were limited. The actual efficiency of damaged elements does not affect the proper functioning of the emulator. This is because it simulates the correct operation of all components of the exhaust system.

After connecting the emulator, remove the diesel particulate filter or remove its insert from the original catalyst housing. After the repair, the system does not report errors and there is no torque limitation, and the engine regains power.

We offer a solution for all VOLVO Penta engines that meet the Tier 4 Final / Stage IV emission standards.

McCloskey J45 - VOLVO Penta

Photos from the installation of the emulator in the McCloskey J45 crusher equipped with a VOLVO engine with the Final Tier 4 / Stage IV emission standard. The machine is equipped with a DPF filter and an SCR (AdBlue) emission reduction system.

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