BOMAG DPF & DEF (SCR) Delete Kit

DPF & SCR (DEF) system emulator for BOMAG machines

Our emulator of the DEF (SCR, AdBlue) emission reduction system and the DPF filter for the BOMAG machines is an electronic device that simulates the operation of an efficient SCR / DPF system, which allows you to turn it off completely. Thanks to it, you will solve all problems related to the urea dosing system.

The waste compactor of this brand is specifically designed for use in small and large landfills that accept both industrial and domestic waste, including loose waste and construction materials.

The service includes deactivation of the entire exhaust emission reduction system using our DEF emulator, which includes such elements as:

  • SCR pump
  • particulate filter
  • NOx nitrogen oxide sensors
  • temperature sensors etc.

The emulator can be installed in a BOMAG where a system failure has already occurred. After installation, the device emulates the correct operation of damaged components, thanks to which the original performance is restored, and the actual efficiency of defective parts does not affect the proper functioning of the emulator. After repair, the system stops reporting errors and there is no more torque limitation.


BOMAG BC 473 RB compactor – installation of the SCR (AdBlue) and DPF system emulator. This model of the BOMAG compactor is equipped with a six-cylinder MERCEDES OM 936 LA engine with a power of 281 HP that meets the Euro 5 standard.

Need help with DPF/SCR? We are the experts!

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