New Holland Tractor DPF Delete Kit

SCR (AdBlue) system emulator for New Holland tractors

We offer emulators of the SCR emission reduction system for New Holland tractor. The device we manufacture is a convenient solution for agricultural tractors of this manufacturer. The service includes the installation of the device and the shutdown of the entire exhaust emission reduction system. The SCR system emulator turns off e.g. the following items, and their performance does not affect the operation of the device:

  • urea dosing pump (AdBlue)
  • fluid heaters
  • NOx nitrogen oxide sensors
  • temperature sensors

The electronic devices manufactured by our company simulate the operation of a fully functional SCR system (AdBlue dosing). After installing the emulator, the tractor stops signaling errors of exceeded emissions and regains power.

We have emulators that allow you to remove the AdBlue SCR system in tractors:

  • New Holland series T6
  • New Holland series T7
  • New Holland series T8
  • New Holland series T9

We also offer solutions for the entire range of CNH (Case New Holland) engines used in combine harvesters of this manufacturer.

NEW HOLLAND Tractor T8.390 - SCR off

Photos from the installation of the SCR emulator in the T8.390 tractor

Photos from the installation of the SCR emulator in the T6.175 tractor

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