PERKINS Engine Delete Kit

DPF and DEF (SCR) emulator for PERKINS engines


Machine with PERKINS engine lost power and the emission light came on? NOx sensor defective? Burnt heater? The pump stopped dosing urea? The DPF and DEF (SCR) system emulator will remove any problems resulting from the failure of the emission reduction system!

Our electronic device simulates the operation of an efficient DPF and DEF (AdBlue) system, which allows it to be completely turned off. Thanks to this, all problems related to the urea dosing system are solved. The emulator disables components and elements such as:

  • SCR pump
  • DPF filter
  • dispenser rail
  • NOx nitrogen oxide sensors
  • temperature sensors etc.


Effective PERKINS Diesel DPF delete


After the repair (installation of the emulator), the system in Perkins engines no longer reports any errors. Thanks to the use of our solution, the machine is no longer limited in torque and the associated power loss.

ORVEX LT-100 - emulator

Pictures from the implementation of the removal of the DPF / SCR system and the installation of our emulator in the ORVEX LT-100 forestry tractor equipped with a PERKINS Engine Delete Kit model 1204F with a power of 106 kW that meets EU Stage IV / U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Need help with DPF/SCR? We are the experts!

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