Renault Premium/Magnum – DPF/SCR Emulator

Disabling the urea dosing system in a Renault car (Premium, Magnum, Midlum)

The SCR system emulator for RENAULT trucks in Premium, Magnum and Midlum versions is our solution for vehicles of this brand equipped with engines that meet the Euro 5 emission standard.

After installing the emulator and repairing, the SCR system in the truck no longer reports any errors. The use of our solution means that there is no torque limitation in the vehicle and the related decrease in power and speed.

Below we present the disabling of the SCR system using the pump-mounted emulator.

RENAULT Premium 450
RENAULT Premium 450

Removal of the SCR system began with unscrewing the cover located on the SCR pump. This cover protects the pump electronics against weather conditions. After removing the lid, access to the original pump electronics was obtained. Unscrewing two more screws allowed the mechanic to remove the plate.

The original electronics from the SCR pump have been replaced with an emulator in the pump version. The emulator has mounting brackets and a connector like the original electronics from the SCR module. Installation consists in replacing the motherboard with an emulator. Finally, the case is sealed with the original lid.

Pressing the accelerator pedal for 5 seconds with the ignition on causes the car to turn off the lights and delete active faults. Deleting errors removes the power (torque) limitation in the presented Renault car. The problem of power reduction caused by errors in the emission reduction system will never return.

In the future, the error reset function can be used to reset other errors as well. Just turn on the ignition, press the gas pedal and wait 5 seconds. The device will erase errors from all modules – including, for example, speed errors in ABS or gearbox.

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