Vanhool DPF/SCR Emulator

SCR (AdBlue) system emulator for VANHOOL buses

One of our specialties are coaches of various, sometimes quite exotic brands. Since we are one of the few in the country to have an original diagnostic interface for vehicles with a Cummins engine, we can easily delete all errors and carry out adaptation.

Our offer includes an emulator of the SCR system for VANHOOL buses. Such a device is a convenient solution for all such vehicles. The service includes the installation of the emulator and the shutdown of the entire exhaust gas emission reduction system, which includes such elements as:

  • AdBlue pump
  • NOx nitrogen oxide sensors
  • temperature sensors etc.

After installing the emulator and repairing, the SCR system in the coach no longer reports any errors. The use of our solution means that there is no torque limitation in the vehicle and the related decrease in power and speed.


This time we repaired a Vanhool coach equipped with a Paccar engine. Below are photos from the assembly of the SCR emulator.

Need help with DPF/SCR? We are the experts!

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