Isuzu Turquoise DPF Emulator

DPF particulate filter emulator for Isuzu Turquoise coaches

Our offer includes an emulator DPF diesel particulate filter for ISUZU Turquoise buses. The operation of the emulator is to simulate a fully operational diesel particulate filter, therefore the vehicle does not perform continuous regeneration of the filter.

After installing the emulator in the coach, no errors of the exhaust system are reported anymore. The use of our solution means that there is no torque limitation in the vehicle and the related decrease in power and speed.

The DPF filter emulator is a convenient solution for all coaches. The service includes the installation of the emulator and the shutdown of the entire system.

Isuzu Turquoise

Below are photos from the installation of the DPF emulator in the ISUZU Turquoise coach equipped with the ISUZU 4HK1 engine, which has a DPF particulate filter. The indicator light marked “DPD”, located on the dashboard, is responsible for the exhaust aftertreatment system, and more specifically for the DPF diesel particulate filter.

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