PONSSE machine DPF & SCR Delete Kit

DPF and SCR (AdBlue) system emulator for PONSSE machine

We offer SCR (AdBlue) and DPF emission reduction system emulators for PONSSE machine. Our electronic device simulates the operation of an efficient SCR / DPF system, which allows it to be completely turned off. Thanks to this, any problems related to the urea (AdBlue) dosing system are solved, which is extremely important in the case of machines such as PONSSE machine.

The AdBlue removal service includes the installation of the device and the deactivation of the exhaust emission reduction system, which includes the following elements. The actual efficiency of these components does not affect the operation of the device:

  • SCR pump
  • particulate filter
  • NOx nitrogen oxide sensors
  • temperature sensors etc.

After installing the emulator and repairing, the SCR system in the PONSSE no longer reports any errors. The use of our solution means that there is no torque limitation in the machine and the associated power loss.

PONSSE Bear - emulator

PONSSE Bear is a powerful harvester designed for working in difficult terrain and large-size wood processing. The crane used in the machine is the strongest PONSSE product, the H8 head gives amazing possibilities. The machine uses a reliable Mercedes Benz OM 926 LA engine with a power of 322KW and a torque of 1300Nm and a thrust of 200kN.

Need help with DPF/SCR? We are the experts!

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