KAMAZ Euro 5 – DPF/SCR Emulator

Emulator for KAMAZ Euro 5 trucks

Our offer also includes an emulator of the exhaust emission reduction system for KAMAZ trucks with EURO 5 engines, which work perfectly in these vehicles! Our solution is a complete emulation of the entire SCR system (including diagnostics!).

The Cummins engines used in trucks of this brand are known from other vehicles, e.g. DAF cars and Solaris buses, as well as construction and agricultural machines.

Installation of the emulator comes down to connecting the device to the power supply and to the CAN communication bus. The device simulates the operation of a properly operating urea dosing system, i.e.:

  • AdBlue pumps
  • NOx sensors
  • urea dispenser

We offer emulators for various trucks and buses equipped with a Cummins engine.

KAMAZ - Emulator AdBlue

Need help with DPF/SCR? We are the experts!

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