CASE Delete Kit
DPF & DEF (SCR) Emulator

DPF and SCR (AdBlue) system emulators for CASE machines

The SCR (AdBlue) emissions reduction system emulator for CASE loader is an electronic device that simulates the operation of an efficient DEF / DPF system, which allows it to be completely turned off. Thanks to this, it solves all problems related to the urea dosing system.

The service includes shutdowns of the entire exhaust gas emission reduction system, which includes such elements as:

  • AdBlue (urea) pump
  • NOx nitrogen oxide sensors
  • temperature sensors etc.

CASE Delete Kit

The SCR system emulator can also be installed in CASE loader where a system error has already occurred. After installation of the device, the original performance is restored, because it emulates the correct operation of damaged components, so their actual efficiency does not affect its proper functioning. After the repair, the system does not report errors and there is no torque limitation.

Removal of the SCR system is completely safe and takes place without the need to interfere with the engine controller. Repairs can be made on site without the need for long and costly downtime.

CASE 621F loader - SCR switching off

CASE 621F is a loader equipped with a Case/FPT F4HFE613W engine that meets Tier 4 Final Certified emission standards. This unit generates 128 kW and 730 N m of torque. Removal of the SCR system was carried out using our emulator without interfering with the engine controller.

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