KOMATSU Delete Kit (DPF & DEF (SCR) Emulator)

DPF and SCR (AdBlue) system emulator for KOMATSU machines

KOMATSU Delete Kit is an electronic device that simulates the operation of an efficient DPF filter and the SCR exhaust emission reduction system. The emulator allows you to completely disable these systems. Thanks to this, it also solves any problems related to the urea (AdBlue) dosing system. The device simulates the operation of such components as:

  • DPF differential pressure sensor
  • DPF filter temperature sensors
  • particulate filter
  • SCR pump (Adblue pump)
  • NOx sensors (if any)
  • NH3 sensors (if any)

The emulator also works with machines that have already experienced an error and have therefore limited power/torque. After its installation, the original performance is restored, because the device emulates the correct operation of damaged components, so their actual efficiency does not affect its proper functioning.

KOMATSU Delete Kit

We offer solutions for the entire range of KOMATSU machines, including:

  • Komatsu PW180
  • Komatsu D65PX
  • Komatsu D65EX
  • Komatsu D65WX
  • Komatsu PC490
  • Komatsu HM300
  • Komatsu WA470
  • Komatsu D61EX
  • Komatsu PC210 LCI
  • Komatsu D61PX-24
  • and other.
Komatsu D65EX - KOMATSU Delete Kit

Photos from the implementation of the emulator assembly in Komatsu D65EX. It is a bulldozer with a DPF and AdBlue SCR exhaust gas reduction system, thanks to which it meets the Tier 4 final / Stage IV standards. Removal of the exhaust gas reduction system was carried out using the emulator, without interfering with the engine controller.

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