VOLVO Excavator Delete Kit
(DPF&DEF removal)

DPF and DPF + DEF (SCR) emulators for VOLVO excavators

We offer VOLVO Excavator Delete Kit for effective removal of DPF and DPF+DEF (SCR) in these machines. The devices work with Volvo excavators equipped with engines that meet the emission reduction standards:

  • Tier 4 Final / Stage IV – Volvo excavators equipped with an engine with DPF filter and DEF (AdBlue) system
  • Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB – Volvo excavators with DPF only engine

In both types of engines, the operation of these systems is supervised by the ACM (Aftertreatment Control Module).

How does the VOLVO Excavator Delete Kit work?

The emulator designed by us simulates the operation of a fully functional diesel particulate filter (DPF), DEF (SCR) system and the ACM module, i.e. components such as:

  • urea dosing pump (DEF)
  • DPF differential pressure sensor
  • temperature sensors
  • particulate filter
  • NOx sensors (if any)
  • NH3 sensors (if any)

After connecting the emulator, remove the diesel particulate filter or remove its insert from the original catalyst housing. After carrying out all the activities, the engine regains power and does not indicate a failure of the exhaust system.

The device also works with VOLVO excavators that have already experienced an error and have therefore limited power/torque. The emulator pretends the correct operation of damaged elements, so their actual efficiency does not affect its proper functioning.

Each device comes with a detailed instruction manual with a description of the steps to be followed.

    VOLVO Excavator Delete Kit - VOLVO EC300EL

Exemples of machines where you can use VOLVO Excavator Delete Kit

We have a solution for all Volvo excavators with D4, D6, D8, D11, D13 or D16 engines. These include models:

VOLVO excavators:

  • Volvo EC750
  • Volvo EC480
  • Volvo EC380
  • Volvo EC350
  • Volvo ECR305
  • Volvo EC300
  • Volvo EC250
  • Volvo ECR235
  • Volvo E0C220
  • Volvo EC160
  • Volvo ECR145
  • Volvo EC140

Installation of the emulator in the VOLVO EC300EL excavator (engine with the Final Tier 4 standard), i.e. a machine equipped with a DPF filter and an SCR (AdBlue) system.

Photos from the implementation of the removal of the DPF system in the VOLVO EC220DL excavator

Photos from the implementation of the removal of the DPF system in the VOLVO EC250DL excavator

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