Solaris Urbino 18 DPF/SCR Emulator

SCR (AdBlue) system emulator for SOLARIS Urbino 18 buses

SOLARIS Urbino 18 is a popular city bus with a urea dosing system (AdBlue). The vehicle has been equipped with a drive unit that meets the EURO 5 emission standards by Paccar MX-11 271 with a power of 369 HP.

We offer emulators of the SCR exhaust emission reduction system for SOLARIS buses. Our emulators are a convenient solution for all types of vehicles. The service includes the installation of the device and the shutdown of the entire exhaust emission reduction system. The SCR system emulator disables elements such as:

  • AdBlue pump
  • temperature sensors
  • NOx nitrogen oxide sensors
  • urea injector
  • fluid tank sensing

After installing the emulator and repairing, the SCR system in the bus no longer reports any errors. The use of our solution means that the Urbino 18 bus is no longer limited in torque and the related decrease in power and speed.

SOLARIS Urbino 18 - Emulator AdBlue

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