Kubota Corporation

Kubota Corporation

Kubota Corporation is a company with a long history and a powerful influence on the global industry. Its innovations, commitment to environmental protection and technological excellence form the foundations of the future-oriented production of engines and construction machinery. As a global market leader, Kubota is shaping the industry and inspiring it to move forward.

Kubota Corporation – a long history of excellence

Kubota is a dynamic player in the global market with roots dating back to 1890. Founded by Gonshiro Kubota in Japan, initially operated as a steel foundry. Its name “Kubota”, symbolizing a fertile rice field, reflects its commitment to developing and improving its operations. Over time, the company has evolved, gaining a reputation in the production of internal combustion engines and construction machinery, which has contributed to its current position as a leader in industrial technology.

Innovation and impact on global industry

Kubota Corporation is not only a manufacturer, but above all an innovator. Its combustion engines, powered by a variety of fuels, from gasoline to natural gas, are revolutionizing many industries. Since starting the production of internal combustion engines in 1922, Kubota has continuously provided innovative solutions that set trends in the field of industrial technology.

Environmental protection and a vision of the future

The Kubota company not only cares about innovation and efficiency, but also about the natural environment. Its engines meet strict greenhouse gas emission standards, focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies. Kubota Corporation’s commitment to the development and implementation of green solutions inspires other industrial entities around the world.

DPF and DEF emulators for Kubota Corporation machines and engines

The environmental protection solutions used in Kubota Corporation machines and engines, however, result in high operating costs. This applies primarily to DPF filters and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. In response to market demand, we have developed and produce Kubota DPF & SCR Delete Kit that help to effectively solve related problems.

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