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Perkins Engines Company

Perkins Engines Company is an icon of the engine industry, rooted in history, innovation and global impact. Its engines are the drive for the future, sustaining the development of various industrial sectors around the world.

History of Perkins Engines Company

Perkins is a world-renowned manufacturer of internal combustion engines with a long and rich history. Its roots date back to 1932, when Frank Perkins and Charles Chapman decided to create innovative drive solutions. Thanks to their commitment and vision, Perkins has become an integral part of the automotive industry.

Perkins Engines: Excellence and Innovation

Perkins Engines Company is synonymous with reliability and excellence in the field of internal combustion engines. Thanks to the constant pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement, it produces engines that are efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. Its power units are used in various sectors, from construction to agriculture, contributing to the development of global infrastructure.

Global Scale and Impact

Perkins, now part of the Caterpillar Group, has a global reach and influence in the development of various industries. Our engines power machines and vehicles all over the world, constituting an irreplaceable driving force. Its mission is to provide exceptional quality engines that meet and exceed customer expectations and contribute to sustainable development.

DPF and DEF (SCR) emulators for machines with Perkins engines

Like all modern diesel engines, Perkins engines also feature solutions that help protect the environment. However, the DPF filters or SCR selective catalytic reduction systems used in them are very expensive to operate. Seeing the need for a solution that will help reduce these costs, we have developed the Perkins Engine Delete Kit to effectively solve this problem.

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