What is the TIER / STAGE emission standard

The TIER / STAGE standard applies to the emission level of diesel engines. TIER is a standard that originated in North America. Its European counterpart is the STAGE emission standard. Both standards apply to the exhaust emissions of specialized vehicles such as agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesters), construction machinery (excavators, loaders), forestry machinery (harvesters) and other equipment equipped with diesel engines (crushers, sweepers).

TIER / STAGE Standard

HC – hydrocarbons
NOx – nitrogen oxides
PM – solid particles

To achieve the lowest possible NOx emissions, manufacturers use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalysts in diesel engines. This system is found in engines that meet Interim Tier4 / Stage IIIB emissions standards upwards.

With our knowledge and experience, we design and manufacture DPF/SCR emulators for construction machines and the equally popular DPF and SCR emulators for agricultural machinery.

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