DEF / SCR Emulator

What is an SCR emulator?

The SCR emulator is a device that simulates the operation of a fully operational DEF/SCR system (AdBlue / urea dosing). Therefore, the engine ECU does not limit power or torque and does not report errors caused by exceeding exhaust emissions. The DEF emulator “replaces” all sensors related to the SCR system – i.e. NOx or temperature sensors. The emulator also generates signals such as the AdBlue pump, as a result of which the vehicle “sees” all elements of the system, including even the correct level of urea solution in the tank.

The use of the SCR emulator is colloquially referred to as “turning off AdBlue”, “SCR delete”, “DEF delete”, “AdBlue delete”, “removing SCR” or “removing AdBlue”. The AdBlue emulator is an effective solution for SCR system errors.

DEF/SCR emulator - driver
DEF/SCR emulator - wires

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