Kubota V3800 DPF Removal and Emulator Installation

Kubota V3800 engine DPF delete

A customer who had a Kubota V3800 engine installed in his machine contacted us. The engine has a problem with the particulate filter. The client decided to remove the DPF and use our help. For this purpose, we used our solution, which is the Kubota V3800 DPF Removal Kit.

Kubota V3800 engine – information

The machine is fitted with a Model V3800-CR-T engine. It is a liquid-cooled 4-stroke turbocharged diesel engine that produces 94.1 horsepower (70.2 kW) at 2,200 rpm. The engine meets the Interim Tier4 / Stage III B emission standards.

DPF emulator installation

After an initial check of the errors reported by the engine, we got to work. First, we disconnected the sensors related to the diesel particulate filter and plugged in the emulator in their place. If you know the construction of the Kubota V3800 engine, you can do it yourself, because each of our devices has a bundle of wires with appropriate plugs that should be plugged into the indicated place.

Each of our emulators comes with a detailed manual that describes the step-by-step assembly process. You can also always use the support of our service technicians provided by phone or online.

After connecting the emulator, we proceeded with the Kubota V3800 DPF delete. We disassembled the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and removed its core. Then, the filter was reinstalled in the machine’s engine. Finally, we conducted a test on the engine with the DPF removed and the emulator connected. The machine returned to full functionality and no longer incurred additional costs for the customer related to the exhaust gas treatment system.

Photo gallery from the implementation of the removal of the DPF filter and the installation of the emulator of the exhaust emission reduction system in the Kubota V3800 engine.

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