DPF removal in the CAT 972K wheel loader with a C9.3 ACERT engine

Caterpillar 972K wheel loader with C9.3 ACERT engine

The CAT 972K wheel loader is a reliable, versatile and popular machine. It is often used by road companies, aggregate mines and companies offering loose materials such as coal, sand or gravel. One of our customers also has this model and contacted us about a problem with it. In the case of his loader, the failure was related to a clogged particulate filter.

CAT 972K loader with C9.3 ACERT engine

The Caterpillar 972K wheel loader is designed to improve operator comfort, efficiency and productivity. It owes its popularity to a huge bucket that allows for quick transport of material or excavated material to the place of storage. A wide range of other work tools and bucket types are also available, so you can tailor the machine to your specific application.

The model is equipped with a six-cylinder turbocharged 568 in³ (9.3 liter) Cat C9.3 ACERT engine with a power of 288 HP (215 kW). The engine meets Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB emission standards and is equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). When creating it, the designers took into account the optimization of power density, its reliability, service life and fuel economy.

Repair of the Caterpillar 972K loader

We started the repair by checking the errors reported by the charger’s computer. After verifying them, we started repairing the CAT 972K loader’s DPF filter. The first step was to disconnect the particulate filter sensors and connect the Caterpillar DPF Delete Kit in their place.

The next step was to remove the clogged particulate filter from the machine. The insert that no longer fulfilled its role was removed from the dismantled filter, and then the filter was reinstalled in the machine’s engine. The last stage of the repair consisted of testing the engine with an emulator connected and the DPF removed. It was successful and loader was able to work again.

Independent installation of the emulator for CAT 972K

Each Caterpillar engine emulator we produce has a detailed step-by-step description of its assembly process. The device has a bundle of wires with appropriate plugs that must be plugged into the indicated place. Thanks to this, if you know the structure of your CAT 972K loader’s engine, you can easily install it yourself.

Our service technicians are also available to help you, if you encounter a problem, they will provide assistance by phone or online. In this case, however, the client decided to use our paid assistance. The service technician came to the client and installed a CAT C9.3 engine DPF emulator in the machine’s parking place.

Photo gallery of DPF filter removal and installation of an exhaust emission reduction system emulator in a Caterpillar 972K wheel loader.

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