Renault Master 3 SID321 – SCR Emulator

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The emulator simulates the correct operation of the SCR system in Renault Master 3 vans. The device does not remove all errors all the time, thanks to which the vehicle is fully diagnosable. The work of such elements as:

  • Second NOx sensor
  • AdBlue pump
  • AdBlue temperature sensors
  • Fluid level sensor

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Currently, there is no possibility of program intervention in the Renault Master 3 SID321 controller located in Continental engines. This makes it impossible to remove support for the AdBlue system by modifying the software. In response to this problem, we have developed an emulator of the SCR system for Renault Master vans equipped with engines with this controller.


How does the SCR emulator for the Renault Master 3 SID321 driver work?

Our emulator is a small electronic device connected to the emission reduction system communication line (CANBUS). The device emulates (imitates) the operation and parameters of a properly operating SCR system and sends such information to the engine controller. Thanks to this, the controller does not put the engine into power limitation mode and does not communicate any system errors.

Performing computer diagnostics of a Renault Master 3 SID321 vehicle with a SID321 controller equipped with an emulator designed by our company, you can observe the operating parameters of the AdBlue dosing system exactly the same as in a working car system without an emulator.


Full diagnostics instead of constant error reset

The work of 90% of similar devices available on the market consists in the continuous erasing of emerging errors. Although at first glance it may seem that this solution works, it makes the car very difficult to diagnose. In addition, it can lead to serious failures, because errors affecting the safety of engine operation, such as those informing about incorrect oil pressure or turbocharger temperature, are also removed.

That is why the work of the emulator for Renault Master 3 SID321 cars created by our company consists only in simulating the operation of a properly functioning SCR system. Thanks to this, in the vehicle – even with a previously damaged system – errors are no longer reported. There is also no torque limitation and the associated loss of power and speed.

At the same time, the car is fully diagnosable and can report other errors if they appear.


Emulator installation in Renault Master 3 SID321

Our knowledge and experience allowed us to create a device whose assembly is very simple and comes down to connecting only one plug. Start connecting the emulator by disconnecting the plugs from the NOx sensors, smoke sensors and the SCR pump. Then, in place of the second NOx sensor, connect the plug from the emulator.

If before the installation of the emulator the vehicle power was already limited or the engine cannot start mode was activated, the errors should be deleted or the AdBlue system’s saved operating state should be reset. In Renault Master, where the power has not been limited, the emulator can be installed without the need to adapt the SCR system.

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